Aquarium Service

Aquarium Design, Installation, and Maintenance

Design: Are you looking to add a beautiful aquatic feature to your home or office? WIMG_5558e can help! CAS is dedicated to providing top-of-the-line aquarium design services to work alongside architects, designers, contractors, or even at home do-it-your-self gurus! We locally source all of our accompanying furniture for the built in that is exactly right for you.

Whether you are looking for a traditional stand-alone aquarium or want to build one right into your wall or furniture we can help.

Installation: Our staff learned from the best! After spending years under the guidance of one of the nation’s top aquarium design firms, Reef Aquaria Design (Coconut Creek, Fla), we are capable of installing any aquarium you can imagine!

Maintenance: The most common problem encountered with aquariums is a lack of maintenance, which is why we do it for you! We tailor-fit our service regime to fit each individual aquarium’s specific needs. Whether you need us daily or once weekly we are ready to help you provide your home or business with a beautiful aquatic display that will always be clean and ready for enjoyment!


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