Center in the Square Truly Magnificent

The Living Reef at Center in the Square
The 8,000 gallon living reef aquarium at Center in the Square. The longer you watch it the more life you see.

The through the Glass Blog was updated almost daily as the Center in the Square Aquarium build neared completion.  Then we got busy maintaining said aquariums and writing became less important.

These aquariums, on the ground floor, first and foremost are free to the public.  You can walk into the lobby anytime Center is open and enjoy the aquariums as long as you like.  The same is true for the koi pond on the 6th floor, which is a beautiful, green roof.

When you walk in the you will likely be drawn to the 8,000 gallon living reef.  Spend some time watching and you will begin to notice life everywhere.  There are crabs, fireworms, corals, shrimp, an urchin and of course the beautiful fish.

Then walk over to see the jellyfish exhibit, which bookends the seahorse aquarium.  After you allow yourself to be mesmerized by the jellies, get up close to the seahorse display and once again, you will find all sorts of living surprises hiding in the rocks.

Jellyfish and seahorse aquarium at Center in the Square
The beautiful moon jellyfish display on either side of the seahorse aquarium.

Under the stairs is the Roanoke River exhibit.  All of the fish and even the rocks and driftwood came from the Roanoke River.  There are some amazingly beautiful fish in the Roanoke river, but you would never be able to see them if they were not in an aquarium.

Around the corner from the Roanoke River tank is the Turtles of Virginia exhibit — quickly becoming a crowd favorite.  The Map turtle, three painted turtles and the red-eared slider seem to love it when people crowd around.

Roanoke River Aquarium
The Roanoke River Aquarium at Center in the Square. EVerything inside came from the River.

For the team at Carlin Aquarium Systems, working in conjunction with Reef Aquaria Design of Coconut Creek, Fla, it is gratifying to watch the public enjoying the aquariums.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.


1125 East Main St
Salem, VA

(behind Fresh Studio Salon)

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